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I have 17 years in the Event and Mobile Marketing industry providing event visualization work for clients including manufacturers, direct brands and marketing agencies. My involvement in a project is governed by client need and ranges from project to project.  From bringing your ideas and designs to life with realistic 3D modeling and rendering to leading the design effort with a solution that fits your marketing goals, I successfully achieve your objectives.

My portfolio consists of a wide range of projects; from basic 10x10 sampling programs to tradeshow or hospitality spaces and large events hosting 60,000+ visitors at one time. In addition, I can produce complimentary projects such as product design and packaging.

Because of my experience level with events and mobile marketing, I have the ability to quickly grasp the needs of a project and translate those needs into images within short timelines. I also have a keen understanding of what can be designed and built for mobile tours and put this knowledge to use on a daily basis. 

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